Pizza wins

Last week's Poll asked "What food would you eat for a week?" It would be the only food you were allowed to eat during the entire week.

Mostly everyone said "Pizza" with a few saying broccoli...look out gas with those people.

Not sure what kind of situation would involve someone having to eat just one food for a week. Pizza was the best choice because it did not say what kind of pizza so you could load it up with almost anything.

This week's Poll involves food also but in a different way. Imagine you arrive home and there are these foods (in poll) set out with a note from your lover to pick just one and meet them in the bedroom. Which food would you choose?  If you want to comment on the poll and leave some fun details (we like humor with a hint of sex, nasty stuff will be deleted)


  1. I didn't read the whole thing before I voted, but I'll stick with peanut butter. It's a nice consistency for what I would have in mind. Not runny, stays where it's put, easily identifiable.

  2. See I chose choclate syrup, but if I had my druthers I would choose Maple syrup.. It is easily heated and in that state comes off much easier without all the sticky left by chocolate syrup.

  3. It's hard to choose just one. Some compliment another. I say just grab an arm full and head on to the bedroom.

  4. I chose cream pie, its two things for the price of one. Chocolate pudding and whipped cream.. yum

    Well thats the cream pie I chose anyway. :)

  5. Avocado and water crackers. Without a doubt....

  6. I voted 'whipped cream' but it could change by the minute, according to my fancy. I think I could get everyone one of these things into the room without my guy batting an eyelash though, he's so fun! Actually his eyelashes would probably twitch a bit because his grin affects his whole face! :o)


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