Sex sells; what, I am not sure!

Warning this might too much for you to handle...well sorta.

You have all heard the saying "Sex sells" ...well I was wondering exactly how well a  title of a XXX movie sells if you took away the picture on the front and all the other crap. I also thought about, who the hell makes this crap up so that people buy this stuff. Is it about the title...most likely not. Too much thinking gets me in trouble.

Here are a few titles I found (not own)

Hot Cherry Pies (this could be from Grandma's kitchen....ahhhh bad images in mind)

Ass Toys No Boys

4 Hour Knocker Shocker

More Bang For The Buckxxx

Juice Boxes

Plumpers At Play

The Return Of Johnny Wadd

Debbie Duz Dishes Again (so?)

Hair Cums Mom

Big Boob Cougars (poor cats)

Big Gulps 

All That Jizm

Ally McFeal

Free My Willy

Romancing The Bone

Blowjob Impossible

So this is what gets the juices going? This is what sells? Honestly I think it could be called "Cabbage Loafers" and would still sell, as long as it contained neked people?



  1. Sex will always sell anything, including marriage.

  2. lol I just posted about adult movies today on my blog.

    I've always wondered about the titles, why are they trying to make you LAUGH? Aren't they supposed to be trying to make you HORNY?

  3. These are hilarious! Actually, pretty damned clever too. Too bad the actual films are usually a total yawn.

  4. pretty funny!

    Sex sells...for sure!

  5. I think it could be called anything, so long as there are nekkid people involved.

    In fact, sometimes my friends and I would go and LOOK for the WORST titles, knowing that they would be corny, cheesy, terrible porn.


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