Those dirty, dirty minds out there in blog land!!

So once again we visited some of our favorite blogs, and we just could not help ourselves, we had to steal stuff. We stole it and mashed it together so all the bloggers could tell you a story that makes no sense at all.

Why? you ask...because we felt like it.

my mother humping BLOG attracted to the suspiciously frisky-looking “middle-aged” men touting the prescription drugs that have put the “fun” back in erectile dysfunction, and ripped off part of his face in the process. My married friends shrugged off their disappointment. As it turns out, I'm allergic to vaginas, too!
people go looking for ‘frumpy housewife’ OMG. I am so screwed.
Make sure you show your annoyance as obviously as possible, to impress all your loser friends. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your wallet and hit the streets also take your non-English speaking assistant with you, Blackmail tomorrow, and oh, how you'll pay!
I must have picked them up at the store where you buy children. Nothing a little McDonald's happy meal,,,, I am going to get DRUNK and I am going to get LAID. and I are debating the bare vagina

Well we visited and did let them know we took stuff...just by leaving comments and saying "We took stuff" They have no clue what that means but at least we said something...when you steal stuff you should leave a note...right?



  1. That's hilarious!

    Feel free to stop by and do a line or two anytime you like.



  2. Take my frumpy housewives lines anytime! Google searches really do create the most hilarious results!
    Added you to my blogroll- thanks for reading! Come by for "Hump Day" tomorrow ;)

  3. Great job! It scary that my brain was able to follow all that with clarity. HELP!!!

  4. I had no clue, true, but I came and saw.
    You missed a good one.

    Oh, and note to self, baking the kids
    [[[[some double chocolate cupcakes following the aforementioned shushing,]]]]
    relieves much of the Mama guilt.

    ModernMom at How to survive...
    When I read it, I just saw 'baking the kids' at first.

  5. oops, I commented under the wrong blogger name.
    I'm afraid to tell you my name now or you will know my alias.

  6. Help your selves any time.
    Glad I could help. Back Up.

    Who's the guy with the feather on his ass? One of your followers?

  7. If you mouse over the story you will see the links on which they came from. I try to take from recent posts. Thanks for letting me steal you let me....

    If it all makes sense to you, you might need therapy...just saying

  8. I need therapy...well in the sense that I could follow it and laughed the whole time. Hysterical! What a genius way to bring people back to your blog. I simply had to come find out what the hell you meant by saying you took stuff. Haaaa! Awesome!!!I'm hoping next time I play a sexier role in the story...justsayin

  9. Me too!!!! Next time you better damn well steal from me!!! :) I laughed so hard!!!! I damn neared spilled my vodka and pissed my pants, thank you very much!!!

  10. Tease me, go ahead, I like it!


  11. ROFL I was all like, steal? What could they possible steal from here? Or would WANT to steal....

  12. Reading over your blog and got to I am going to get DRUNK and I am going to get LAID. and I are debating the bare vagina and knew without a doubt it had to be our favorite Midget Man of Steel.

  13. Hahaha that's classic. There are some serious sicko's out there though, with seriously dirty blogs!


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