What in the hell are they talking about?

Well this is what I decided to do today....since I was planning on visiting some awesome blogs, why not snatch a line from them and tell you where I stole it from. Yes stealing is not a good thing, they might hunt me down and stick a tack in my eye.

As I mentioned these are awesome blogs and when you take a line and let it stand on its own....well you'll see. Thanks again awesome blogs for your awesomeness. 9 blogs so far...

Chemistry and archaeology jokes: two great tastes that taste great together! But if I wasn't, my 5 inch stiletto would have been up your ass. my imaginary dinner with my imaginary downs syndrome friend, Lenny they’re fat and a guy telling his wife that he’s working late when he’s actually screwing their next door neighbour will be busy cursing, pulling my hair out, shooting my brains out  one foot is in my ear the other in my gut.  combine this with the deep love I have of dancing my ass off, most notable when i am tipsy As if it wasn't an inconvenience in the least. The fluffy little bitch  She’s cheaper and more fun than an amusement park….

Well I am going after some more...I did stop by these blogs and tell them "I took stuff" they think I am insane now...but you can see how awesome just these lines are and how much you now want to know "What the hell they are talking about"

If I mash them all together what a story the blogworld could tell today! This was fun, maybe I will just become a blog klepto, sorta of like..you know "Keep your eyes on your fries" (stole that too) or better yet, keep your eyes on your sex'n'fries...yeah I had too.


  1. You just have to take a look don't you.

  2. love it! You can help me yank up my sweaty spanx anytime bebe!

  3. That's very clever the way you linked them :)

  4. Very clever and with credit given who could complain.

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting and I'm glad it wasn't you also.

    Do remember to back up you files.

  6. This is a great idea. And I think the authors might even appreciate the link love and potential exposure. Stealing stuff is wrong, unless you credit your source, then it's probably encouraged. Well, except for Disney. And Gene Simmons. In fact, I'll probably get a cease and desist order just for mentioning their names in a blog comment. See what you made me do?

  7. Very clever! I like the way you linked them up to make a story one would want to finish reading.

  8. You can steal from my blog anytime.

    All the ones you stole from are great, I bet they won't mind. Hell, some of them won't even notice.

    This is a great idea, if I were more organized I might steal it from you.

  9. Great idea and extremely well and cleverly done. Brilliant!

    Thanks for the link by the way and you can "take stuff" any time you like... hell, you can take anything you like from me, honey!

  10. heyyou stole my stuff! :)

    This was fun!


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