Woman consumed in fantasy explodes in ultimate bliss

Fantasy can be a very powerful aid in arousal, orgasm and stress relief from everyday trials.

A fantasy should be your own, not all the time, but in times of your solo sexual pleasure.

Enjoy your mind and desires as your body feels all the pleasure you give it. Allow yourself to dream as it were. No guilt, no stress, dare to be a great lover with the secret passions you have wanted  to try. Imagine yourself as the giver and the receiver of such things that you now have the power to do through your fantasy.

It has been known for woman to have orgasms by fantasy alone, without touching at all. The power of fantasy is truly personal and within you. Take yourself to a part of your life that you will experience alone, and enjoy your secret world.

Sometimes sharing your deepest desires is difficult if the other person is not on the same page. Telling your partner that you fantasize about being involved in an orgy might offend them and put them off. Couples can bring jealousy into the mix and actually be threatened by one's fantasies. Everyone has fantasies and they can be mild to wild, but unless you know others will appreciate and understand it, just keep it to yourself.

There is no shame in fantasy, the sexperts have studied and wrote many papers on the subject.

The mind, after all, is the body' most fertile erogenous zone. In fact, it's been discovered that sexually dysfunctional men and women rarely have erotic fantasies during foreplay, sex and masturbation. These people may consciously squelch thoughts because they feel guilty or embarrassed. Women who have never had an orgasm are taught by sex therapist to indulge in their erotic fantasies to become orgasmic.

Top 10 female sex fantasies
10 domination, her dominating a man
9 domination, you dominating her
8 teacher/student role play
7 sex with a stranger
6 threesome with another woman
5 threesome with two men
4 voyeurism
3 rape
2 exhibitionism
1 private dancer

Top 10 male sex fantasies
10 sex with two women
9 voyeurism
8 receiving oral sex
7 anal sex
6 bondage
5 exhibitionism
4 sexual ravaging
3 school girl
2 sex with a stranger
1 orgy

How do men's erotic fantasies differ from women? A variety of studies have shown that our sexual imaginations are almost as different as our bodies. Men seem to have more frequent fantasies than women do. Men's fantasies seem to be dominated by visual images, especially genital images, are more likely to involve multiple, anonymous partners, are more active and aggressive and more quickly to explicitly sexual acts.
Women are more personal, often focusing specifically on someone they actually know, emphasize touching, feeling and emotions, unfold more slowly and tend to include caressing and nongenital touching.

Enjoy your fantasies how ever you please!



  1. It's funny that you talk about the differences between male and female fantasies. Frequently when I have a sexy dream, it's really about the romance with someone I dont' even know and culminates in a kiss! The promise of real sex is there, but I generally awake before it occurs. Still, that prelude is the major issue in my dreams. (I did have a dream once about sex with a midget though. LOL. He was great!)

  2. If I could learn to have orgasms without touching, then I'd skip lunch and just do that for an hour every day!


  3. I'm thinking of some Valentine's Day fantasies.


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