Your house will fall down and your dog will run away!

What the heck do you do when your horoscope tells you something awful will happen? I read them just for fun, never really worry about it. But then it tells me my living or financial situation will worsen. I mean it isn't exactly peachy now. How much will it worsen, are we talking about devastation here? Should I take out more insurance? Will I be able to eat next week?

Risks of a worsening of your finances or your living conditions
The other week I had a stomach ache and looked at my horoscope and it said, "Will have digestive problems"


Now what....

My conclusion is to find another horoscope provider or try really hard not to have the compulsion to click on my sign.


  1. I never bother for that reason and I am a total skeptic.

  2. Well, if you think about it, in these economically critical times, what proportion of the population of the whole goddamned world is that prediction going to turn out to be right for? 95%, or just a mere 90%.

  3. I am hesitant to read the horoscopes for fear of a bad prophesy.

  4. Horoscopes eh?
    Evidently when the moon is in alignment with Uranus; the bottom will drop out of my finances. What a bummer.
    Oh shit, my star sign is Cancer. Apparently, I am selfless, altruistic and a good cook. Hell with that, take me to an expensive're paying:-)
    Take it easy, Gary

  5. I read my horoscope and the weather forecast the day *after* they apply.

    They're both only for entertainment purposes anyway, right? lol

  6. I only like horoscopes that say I'm going to meet beautiful and mysterious strangers and that I'm coming into a lot of money! What is wrong with these people?


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