Honey I'm home! Why are you naked?

Even the not-so romantic and cuddly types like myself don't mind being swept off their feet once in awhile.

Yes it is true, I have no problem with wham bam thank you...clean up and go sleep.

I am not much into eye gazing, gentle kisses and sweat nothings but then again.....it may not be "my thing" or even something I would request or go after. Yet again....everyone needs a hug, a nod and a small piece of aw. Something that heightens the special feelings; the gesture of support and the reassurance that there is something awesome between you.

Ways to really show your romantic side:

  • A single flower is always good, there is something intimate about the ‘one’. The whole bouquet can be over done and a little like a birthday…everyone has one.

  • The post it note, not too often and never a ritual. Leaving a post-it note somewhere in the house, office, lunch box, car. Just a simple love note or even a dirty suggestion or even a giggle or compliment. Random and fun, if it is done too much or becomes predictable like the bedtime “I love you” well you get the point…..

  • The surprise naked man in the hall way or anywhere for that matter. A flash of naked is a nice reminder of how connected you really are. Nothing says how much you love someone than trusting them with your dignity. No words needed, just here I am in all my glory.

  • Candles, music, the warm bubble bath, going out of your way to pamper is a great way to say “I got your back and everything is great” Different little details each time makes it obvious that you put some thought into it and didn’t use what was convenient.
We all have little rituals as a couple, the kiss good bye, the “I love you” holding hands, but spontaneity between you broadens the walls you live within.


  1. Hi there! Just stopping by to follow your blog. Hope you can come follow mine! Have a great day!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  2. I come in the door, slap her on the ass, ask when's supper and tell her to bring me a beer. She loves it.

    Actually she's 5'2" and I'm 6'4" so I give her 'head kisses.' Just walk up to her and give her a kiss on top of the head. Same with my grand kids. Granddaughter even ask where her head kiss is.

  3. I'd MUCH rather a quick screw than a slow one! I don't have time for that shit! I have things I have to do damnit!

  4. I just stuck a Post-it in my wife's car. Nothing USUAL about that, I assure you!

    Thanks for a good post, which Everyman (one word intended) should read....


  5. Nice little tips, one of which is right up my street!
    I love being naked at home, and on the plus side, the more relaxed I am being naked, the more chilled out about her body my prettier half is. I totally recommend it :)

  6. Nothing says romance like "here, honey, put your feet on my lap and let me give you a massage." Now, could someone please fax that to my husband?

  7. LOVE this post!
    We should totally trade blogroll links. In?
    I mean, now that you've admitted to stalking me, which is totally hot, by the way. ;)


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