He honestly will not shut up!

It is March break for the kids this week, something the school comes up with to torture parents with.
My son is 11 years old. He has been diagnoised with OCD, ADHD and impulsive disorder. The doctors have put him on meds for some of it because they have no clue what else to do.
He can be a good kid if he is watched and you are strict with him, something the schools don't get.

Well it is March break, so the days are long. We are not on break, just the kids. We work at home most of the time, but "we are NOT on break"....but the kids are!!!!

My son never shuts up, not sure if you can imagine it or not, but he actually never shuts up. They said it was part of his impulsive disorder. They said some kids will sharpen pencils continuously, like they can't stop til it is basically a stub and eraser. I am willing to supply him in pencils...if he would just shut up. Engaging him in conversation (where it is a two way street) is a challenge enough, because he can't focus on one topic. We let him talk about 'whatever' ...to try to get it out of his system, hoping desparately that maybe he would even get bored of the non-conversation....BUT NO!

You try to be a good parent for as long as you can, but then you have to snap..it is human


He actually can't. Without me looking like a raving loon, stomping my feet, tears running down my face...and screaming to shut up...I leave the room and pray he does not follow. It is a 'love him but' situation.

He usually starts with a question...

Why is my muscle shaped like that? Is it suppose to be like that? I was playing basketball, on the street was a shiny thing, but you said I couldn't bring anything home, so I guess I won't show you, can you put air in my basketball? Do you remember when you bought these pants, they still fit. The world might end in 2012 like they said because of the earth quakes but I dont' think it will......

So after that first 30 seconds, I know that there is no end, he waits for no answers to his questions and this will continue all day......

Please shut up!


  1. He is of above-average intelligence, the constant talking shows you how fast he's thinking. You're raising a potentially very successful kid there.


  2. I have a daughter that is very similar to that. She is ADD and she NEVER shuts up...NEVER!! But she's a little genius in math and science..so maybe one day both your son and my daughter will be the brightest minds of their generation. If they don't talk themselves to death in the mean time.

  3. That's why God invented closets and kibble.


  4. very nice blog and loads of fun... not to mention fries....

  5. Okay, so slip him a few table-spoons of Benadryl, take a few Xanex, chase them with Vodka... You're good to go lady!


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