I kissed a girl and I liked it...seriously?

This is a discussion on bi sexuality.

Is every mammal bi-sexual?

Oh there are homophobes..that would torch my house for even suggesting such a thing.

If you took away social, political, religious presumption of how we should live, we notice all sexuality and feel it.

Not even if you ever acted, most don't', on the instinct that is hidden and doused in your rearing from birth, you notice the same sex and the opposite sex.

Making sense yet? Most likely you are thinking I have lost my mind. That is fine. I really think there is a fine line between the definition of bisexual and just being animalistically attracted to all human beings regardless of gender.

Being animals, if we never merged into a more civilized society, would we be influenced by animal instincts, one big happy orgy-like society?

In other words...this is hard to imagine, because it is not how we think....if you took away all the rules and just ran on instinct...who would you be doing?

This is out look beyond reality!

I would define it as (referring to my own thoughts)

Bi curious- In the heat of the moment playing with a woman is erotic and fun. Same sex play, much of being bi-comfortable, having the same sex play. You respond to different experiences in different ways, are open to options that present themselves.

Bisexual- you are attracted to the opposite sex and having sex with your own sex and of the opposite sex is a way of life for you….

From the wikipedia definitions:

Bi-curious is a term used to refer to someone who does not identify as bisexual or homosexual but feels or shows some interest in a relationship or sexual activity with someone of the same sex. The term can also apply to a person who generally identifies as homosexual but feels or shows some interest in having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. The terms homoflexible and heteroflexible are also applied to bicuriosity.

Bisexual refers to sexual behavior with or attraction to people of both sexes, or to a bisexual orientation. People who have a bisexual orientation "can experience sexual, emotional, and affectional attraction to both their own sex and the opposite sex"; "it also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them." It is one of the three main classifications of sexual orientation, along with a heterosexual and a homosexual orientation. Individuals who do not experience sexual attraction to either sex are known as asexual.

According to Alfred Kinsey's research into human sexuality in the mid-20th century, many humans do not fall exclusively into heterosexual or homosexual classifications but somewhere between. The Kinsey scale measures sexual attraction and behavior on a seven-point scale ranging from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual).

According to Kinsey's study, a substantial number of people fall within the range of 1 to 5 (between heterosexual and homosexual). Although Kinsey's methodology has been criticized, the scale is still widely used in describing the continuum of human sexuality.


  1. A very good post. As I've said many times on my own blog, our natural instincts particularly regarding are often suppressed by all the (in my opinion frequently silly) rules and beliefs we have artificially attached to it.

    That said, because of that "overlay" that we begin to learn from soon after birth onwards, I think that women generally tend to be more naturally demonstrative towards each other in a sort of "kissy-kissy" way. As a result of this, I think most women find it much easier to overcome the artificial taboos that have been attached to homosexuality and are therefore more likely to happily display and even exercise that degree of bi-sexuality which probably exists in all of us. Personally, I think it's nice and extremely sexy. As a male, I most certainly do not feel threatened by it in the least (as some I think do).

    My view is that, whatever it is, if you like it and you are consenting adults, it's none of my goddamned business - enjoy!

    If you don't tell anyone, though, I will admit that I wouldn't at all mind watching, but I realise that's just a personal quirk... Our little secret, right? ;)

  2. "I really think there is a fine line between the definition of bisexual and just being animalistically attracted to all human beings regardless of gender. "

    love it! what a wonderful post. Women and men are attractive to me. it is not about what someone looks like or what parts they have. i am attracted to who that somebody is. I like to fuck my hubby as much as i like to fuck my girlfreind! makes life way more fun and interesting!!

  3. The truth is certainly that everyone is somewhat "Curious" at the least...



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