I love books about anything, sex, food, mythology, people, pets...get it?

I am a book-a-holic, not sure when it started. I love books, mostly how- tos, history and things. Usually when we go out, I am not allowed in the book store any more, there is no room in our place to put any more books.

Usually I look through them, pick out what catches my interest and then display it in the case. I keep them for reference, half read books that are only important to me.

Cook books are my weakness, I do realize I have enough to cook a different meal each day for a couple of years.

Dog training books still there gathering dust, I no longer have the dog, but there is always hope for the future and I am prepared to have one smart pooch.

Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Primitive mythology, just in case I need this information. I have read them, they fascinate me and now they sit on the book shelf to remind me that I know this stuff.

Over the years I have had to sell books so I would have space, never my books on sex or food but others.

One day I will be able to say that I have read all the books I own hopefully before anyone would possibly give a crap.


  1. I own a lot of books, but there is nothing like using the public libraries for free. We are already paying a lot in local taxes so might as well take advantage of them.


  2. I keep books like coffee table and history picture books, but once I read normal books I pass them on, go to a book swap or donate them to the library.

  3. I had a bunch of books. I sold them on e-Bay. But of course, like you, I kept the sex and cook books...they are very important!

  4. Oh god! I have so many books it is RIDICULOUS!!!! My husband gets sooo irritated because he finds them everywhere...

    "Does this have to be in the glove dept?"

    "Is this necessary to have on the microwave?"

    "Can we move this fucking stack of books off the goddamn entertainment center?"

    Blah, blah, blah... Lick my ass honey!


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