People went crazy at the mall...totally insane

Day before yesterday I went to the mall  , I know who's going to get slaughtered and it's only a matter of

time.  Stand outside her blog and look in the windows  Of course the wifey-poo never lets me bring over hot

mini-skirted women  And then the unexpected happens  I started “Meeehhhhh“ing more often than usual.

 which has turned my uncle into a babbling baboon, poor guy. 

A woman wearing too much makeup  have a responsibility to my fellow men and women  And once again an

unlikely source of inspiration  for Asian Teen Anal Foot Porn

There, standing in front of me, was one of my coworkers  with the lovely Golden Phallus  I kind of needed

you there at the time before I did anything stupid like buying a breast enlargement hypnosis course.


  1. I think I feel very special that my blog has been used for this twice now.

    Or horny.

    Either way, really.

  2. When we publish all the links they the spacing goes screwy.

    we use the blogs on our blogroll that have the most recent posting....glad you enjoy glad you are horny....we think

  3. This is like reading a Dr. Seuss book but nothing like it. Nothing like it at all, really.

  4. I fucking LOVE these posts! I'm pretty sure I say that every time you do this!! You know ESPECIALLY when mine is included!! Thanks chicks!)

    Added you button to my blog today!!

  5. A breast enlargement hypnosis course, leaves only a scar on your mastercard, not your breasts!

    That's a new one...



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