So you say your Yo Yo is better than mine?!

Last week webpoll
Have you ever owned any of these toys?

slinky (90%)

Yo Yo (100%)

Tonka Toys (65%)

Cabbage Patch Doll (55%)

Barbie/GI Joe (80%)

Operation (55%)

Magic 8 Ball (70%)

Tinker Toys (35%)

Legos (80%)

Little people (45%)

Big Wheel (50%)

Rubba dub dolly (5%)

Everyone has owned a 'Yo-Yo' not everyone could use it.
The earliest surviving yo-yo dates to 500 BC

This week's webpoll consists of two separate polls. One for women and one for men. In any situation, we ask What would you never matter what!

1 comment:

  1. I've owned every single one of those toys.

    They were all either melted or blown up.

    My parents should have see this shit coming.


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