That is just plain dumb

Oh the world of blogging, everyone and their donkey has a blog these days.
Getting people to visit your blog and read it is always a challenge. There are different ways to get traffic and usually when describing your blog you try to make it sound interesting.
I use linkreferral because you get to know what is out there and you people tell you what they think of your blog. Although blogging is huge now and there are a lot of great blogs out there, I always find some that are beyond strange and some that are so pointless, I just don't get it..could be me..who knows.
Thought I would share some descriptions of blogs, written by the owners of the blog who want you to visit.

-Its really gud u can know abt it after visiting only! N if u love it jst follow it frnd!

-this is about my personal as well as my work experience in the Online Field

-prison diary drug smuggling cocaine trafficking books pictures videos

-daily nutty mishaps + problems + movie reviews = my life

-Just looking for everything

-It's all about vacation and enjoying life.

-a blog about music,sports,gadgets,movies,girls & random finds on the web!

-An informational outlet with topics of interest for women of color - all shades.

-Top five articles on disney, employment, fungi and more.

-Poetry by a Japanese Ghost, Simple from the heart, about God, pain, woman, man, life, truth, love. Poems. bye.

-I'm funny. If you don't agree that I'm funny, you can go die in a hole.

-All kinds of thoughts

-truth is the most important facet of our life, yet we shy away from truth. Because truth hurts. Truth contains within itself the word'hurt'.I feel we need to share truth with love.

-The things I?m mad about include technology, gadgets, sci-fi and I love films and cinema also, so maybe I?ll get a chance to talk about all that also? an enjoyable and honest blog for writers and petrol-heads alike and for anyone who knows what it means t

-Bible questions with Bible Answers. Heaven, Hell, Love, Sex, Oral Sex, Interracial marriage, Homosexuality, Race, Abortion

-Our consultants will provide a unique service by searching for corporate living and office space to filling the freezer.

-Family Farm providing quaility cattle for your table and your breeding program.

Some are good and some don't make sense, becareful what you write about yourself, it is the first impression

Here is our description: Humorous discussions by women on life, sex, relationships,family,food,diets,stress and much more insightful topics of life. Just plain fun with sex'n'fries.

Yeah it sucks too but it gets them here....

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  1. Hello. Well I'm here:-)
    Always good to drop by and see what you are up too.
    I think variety in writing and writing directly to the reader; is a good approach.
    You do a delightful blog and it is my pleasure to visit. Thank you kindly for commenting on my blog. That is most appreciated.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  2. Did you mention SEX in there? That always seems to be interesting to a lot of people for some reason ;)

  3. I always come back.. you are always to the point and that I like. :)


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