This is why sex is not on mommy's mind

Mothers talk about things easily, things that would not be discussed otherwise. In a calm, whatever, fashion, mommies can sit around drinking coffee and talk about...well example...'poop' poop, their poop, husband poop, and pet poop. Their day could be filled with poop!
The dog pooped on the floor
The kid pooped on the floor
She has no time to poop
Husband goes in to poop never comes out
Mommies can talk about 'snot' ...running noses, picking of noses, snotty noses, wiping on sleeve. Grabbing tissues..making sure the dog don't eat the snotty tissues. Big sneezes by kids with snot running down their faces. Snot conversations can go on all day.

Moms can talk about anything with out even flinching. Snot, poop, boogers, cat food up the nose, taking clothes off in supermarket, screaming and throwing toys, flushing toys in toilet and more poop.

All this is the foreplay for...'sex'??? Probably NOT.....this usually ends in a few hours of sleep, some unsettling night mares and the next day to start it all over again!


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  1. And lets 'snot' forget about us single daddies. I can relate to what you have said here.
    Let me tell you a secret. Please don't tell anyone. I'm a multi-tasking single dad who can read a map..
    Must go now..back to wiping off snot and talking about poop :-)

  2. You know, I think my poop talk is slowing down...maybe one day I'll get to start talking about sex again. lol

  3. That's NO shit lady!

    All day long I wipe asses and pick noses and it's never my own goddamnit!


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