Was thin really ever in?

It was all said to have started with Twiggy, where models became smaller and smaller, as the fashion scene became smaller, we became bigger. With images of thin models, in magazines, TV, billboards and all sorts of ads, we ate more. Was it the realization that we already didn't look like this, and if this was in...."I can never look like that, so why try?"

Self esteem issues are big now just like our butts. Obesity is a problem now, a big one. How did we get here? Can we blame fast food restaurants, the media pressures to be thin, stress and lack of work life balance?

Really, what it comes to is how we feel about ourselves. I believe we can be brain washed as it were, from the images we are surrounded by.

“The consequences of the sexualization of girls in media today are very real and are likely to be a negative influence on girls’ healthy development,” says Eileen L. Zurbriggen, PhD, chair of the APA Task Force and associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz..”
Read more at Suite101: Sexualized Culture Hurts Girls: Girls Need Protection From Message To Be Sexy Too Soon http://parentingmethods.suite101.com/article.cfm/too_sexy_culture_hurts_girls#ixzz0h1VUaR0i
What is making us fat and have low self esteem? Sites and resources are popping up everywhere, this is the new niche in business. Research is being done to try to save us from ourselves. The Dove campaign is using "normal sized" women for their ads, have programs in place to help young girls feel good about themselves. What about those already damaged?

What is making us fat? A quick look on the internet and this is the list I could find.....
The Economy
Lack of sleep
Media influencing body image
Eating excessive amounts of fat
Too many calories
Fast food
Toxic Environment
Diet soda


  1. I do not think it's in. I do not even think it's sexy. That's why my goal weight is about 10 lbs above the highest weight WW's suggests...I know I will LIKE myself better if my breastbone isn't sticking out where everyone can see it!

  2. Wow! I LOVE this post! I couldn't have said it better myself! (LOL)

  3. Lack of sleep.. i knew it wasn't my fault.

    I think too thin is not good but regardless of the media, I would rather not be fat.

  4. not an easily answered query...but I would venture a large piece of the pie that it is too little time and too much fast food.

  5. What makes us fat?
    "Eating excessive amounts of fat"

    Classic - this gave me immense giggles :)

  6. I had to give it all up, which I love all that JUNK!!!


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