We are in the big Apple!!

We love the city, it is so great to just lose yourself within.
But of course as we are being our touristy selves, we discover the more bizarre random things. Like a panda, sitting, we snap a picture, turn and poof he is gone. We later see this strange thing on another block.

You never know what things you will discover on a street named Beaver

A turkey walking outside in the alley way of a restaurant. I have heard of fresh turkey but this is too fresh. This turkey was last seen near Battery Park


  1. Hi there,
    Ah just a normal day in the 'Big Apple' eh.
    Yep, all sort of things can happen on 'Beaver St.' It would be an excellent location for a remake of 'Leave it to Beaver' or a remake of that movie classic, 'Saturday Night Beaver':-)
    I reckon the turkey went to 'Battery Park' to get it on with the 'Battery hens'...
    Right then, I'm outta here....heading off to an English town named 'Scunthorpe'...
    With respect, Gary:-)

  2. Beaver street - love it. I live in the Beaver State. You should visit. Even my alma mater is the Beavers.


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