Perky boobs at any age

We must, we must, we must increase our bust!
Waving your arms back and forth like you are ready for take off. No matter where you heard it from, there was always that rumour that doing certain exercises would increase your bust size.

Well those rumours are true, it may not increase your boobs to a larger cup size, but it will bring them up and point them in the right direction.

No matter how old your boobs are, there are exercises that will give them a great shape. Rounder with more cleavage.

Men have the same muscles in their chest as we do, they go to the gym and work those pecs.

Pectoralis Minor are the muscle that when worked out and built up look great on a guy. So now put a pair of boobs on this muscle.

Don't worry ladies you can't start looking like a guy, you don't have the right hormones for that. Women don't bulk up unless they take supplements, we just have it in us.

Well defined chest muscles help with great looking and woman!
Give your bra a helping hand and let the muscle hold those babies up.

Platinum Series: Abs & Chest of Steel 2000 with Leisa Hart [VHS]Great exercises for the chest are
dumbell fly,
push ups
and chest press.

It takes time but you can give yourself a boob job!

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  1. I can testify - yes. Building up the pecs helps with the lift. But I've pretty much given that up, of late. Boo hiss me.

  2. I agree, you are exactly right and that's the best way to get one.



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