What is your sexual behavior offline and online?

Last weeks webpoll asked What is your sexual behavior?  Our visitors said
Sex outdoors  (78%)
Faked an orgasm  (43%)
Sexually adventurous  (65%)
Paid for sex  (0%)
One night stand  (43%)
Discuss fantasies  (56%)
Don't really enjoy sex  (0%)
Hornier than most  (73%)
I think I am different  (17%)
None apply to me  (0%)

So if you see some hornier than usual people having sex outdoors, it is most likely a visitor of Sex'n'Fries.

How do our visitors differ from the rest of America (a poll from ABC: Americal sex survery)
Americans' Sexual Behavior

Sex outdoors 57%
Discuss fantasies 51 %
Faked orgasm (women) 48 %
Sexually adventurous 42 %
First-date sex 29 &
Paid for sex (men) 15 %
Paid for sex (single men, 30+) 30 %

1 comment:

  1. Women are known to:
    Run the whole show and never take or get credit for it.

    Women will talk their boss out of a raise.

    Women can be their own worst enemies.


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