When is the next sex scandal? We are getting bored!

Public sex scandals, how do they affect us?

When our role models, celebs, public figures, politicians make the head lines for having committed adultery or cheating on their mate or even being with a hooker, how does this affect us? 

Clinton/Lewinsky affair, was followed in the media like a soap opera if not like a football game. We were on top of it. Was it because he was president and it was our political system in jeopardy?  If you yank them from the celebrity status, would we have cared so much?

What if every affair and scandal went on public record? Joe Blow and Martha Bell have been sleeping with each other, dog is the witness, wife to leave him this weekend.

The most recent scandal of course is Tiger Woods and is multitude of banging whatever walks. Sex addict version of Betty Ford  signs him up, hides him away from public eye, media dies down a bit and then bam! He is back on the tube again. When was golf compared to the presidency as being "why do we care?"

How much are we affected by the people in the public eye when they screw up? Is it just entertaining to have crap unfold in front of us, like a reality show we take personally.

Here are some scandals, did you follow these? Do you wonder why you even know so much?

Prince Charles
Tiger Woods
David Letterman
Kobo Bryant
John Edwards
James McGreevey
Mark Sanford

But don't forget the women
Mary Kay Letourneau
Monica Lewinsky
Amy Fisher
Heidi Fleiss

Everybody always had something to say....
There will always be someone to entertain us.


  1. According to some of the tabloaids there may be something happening in the White House...

  2. I have been a little bored with Celebs good behavior too. Posted that yesterday. Since it's been quiet this long, I am hoping for something SPECTACULAR to happen soon!

  3. "I AM SORRY!!!!!"

    Note: There is ALWAYS "something" happening at the White House. It's a BIG house--grin!


  4. I could care less about a celebrity having an affair unless they make a point of being Mr/Mrs High and Mighty. Politicians, however, I do care. Not that I want to know the details. I care because these are the people who make decisions that affect my life. If they can't control themselves or lack moral judgment in their own lives, how can I trust them in a position of power.

    Anyway, that just me.

  5. I don't know when the next sex scandal will hit, but I hope it involves me. And I won't apologize for a damn thing. I'll more than likely send out thank you cards and flowers.

  6. I am way amused by sex scandals when they involve those family values promoting politicians. I am almost ashamed to admit how gleeful I am. But then I see the cuckholded wife standing next to the butthead husband making his apology speech and I am no longer amused. I am just sad.

  7. This is unacceptable. You can't be sitting around getting bored. Tune in to my blog anytime tomorrow (Wednesday morning after 7am Eastern time and I will provide you with a sex scandal worthy of your bloggy goodness. ;-)

  8. People, "even" famous people, will always just be that. People. People fuck up, get into trouble and embarrass themselves all the time. I have never gotten the big whoop when a celeb is caught eating french fries or is revealed to be cheating. Okay if it's a politician, we should expect some things from them, but regular celebs? Fuck with all that money, I get why they're bored and have to snort cocaine in a taxi with paparazzi all around.

    /rant. Sorry.

    Oh, and I totally AM addicted to sex and fries. Damn fries!

  9. I'm hoping that the Betty White / Ludacris scandal will break soon; or maybe the Rush Limbaugh / Glenn Beck bromance.


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