Where did I put that big purple buddy of mine?

Vibrators and dildos have been around for many years, couldn't imagine the women of yester year locking the door and flipping up the petticoat, to have a moment to herself.

Dildos have always had a sexual purpose from the moment they were invented, vibrators on the other hand have not. Vibrators were invented 130 years ago to treat a medical illness known as "female hysteria". Hysteria, meaning suffering uterus in Greek, involved anxiety, irritability, sexual fantasies, pelvic heaviness and excessive vaginal lubrication - sexual arousal during the Victorian era, when women were not considered sexual beings. Doctors would treat female hysteria by massaging their patients' genitals until they experienced relief by paroxysm (orgasm).source

Toys are great for "letting the toy do the work"....not to wear yourself out while getting to your happy zone. Introducing a toy into a couple's bedroom can be very awesome, but some people are too embarrassed to discuss the subject. Some men feel threatened by the addition "what is wrong with just me, am I not enough" Yeah...not sure how many men would object to getting some help. Plus there are so many ways a vibe can contribute to more intense sexual experience for both man and woman.

Have you ever found a vibrator in some one else's home by mistake?

Some people have a whole dresser drawer for their sex toy collection (not mentioning names) Others might have a little toy chest with lock. Some might have the under the mattress hide away spot. Whether you have many or just one, this type of toy is always hidden and rarely if ever discussed. Let's face it this is not a typical conversation: "Oh you just have to see what I bought the other day" " I have one just like it" "How does it feel?" "It was such a great price, came with a bonus video"

With the amount of toy stores online and the few offline, someone is keeping them in business, but most likely not talking about it.

Have a little fun



  1. And some men do need help, no crime in that... they need to get over it.

  2. What, we can only have one drawer? :o

    As for the 'hysteria' business... women are still labeled that way today; whenever men don't understand us they put a label on it to try and ridicule us. You gotta love Freud, eh..

  3. Medical school must have been a blast back in those days....and ironically, my verification word for this comment is "wactle"

  4. Yes! That's not me vacuuming the bedroom either!



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