Who is the whiny one?

This winter has kicked my ass, it is most likely stress and yes the freakin' weather. I have been sick forever, the flu, a cold, and some non identifiable mucous problem.

When other loved ones ( I use that loosely when they have snot problems) are so whiney when sick, they belly ache it up and down and all over the flippin house. I hurt, I ache, I can't breathe.

I have tried this, and usually still end up cleaning the house and wiping someone elses nose.
Also, even when I am trying to get things done at the same time as I am dying. People (no names) tell me lay down, take it easy, take a nap, wrap in blankets, take vitamins, drink orange juice, drink water, sweat it out, relax, eat 'good for you' crap, take medicine, snot remover, fever reducer, cough syrup, cough--horrible toxic waste nasty crap!!!!!!!

Let me get over these germs and 'people' stop bringing the germs home in the first place!!


  1. My husband is so the whiny one. He comes home from work and sleeps for 100 hours. Me I can't sleep sick or well..

  2. tell me about it!

    i just came back from the doctor because my throat is on fire! i just HAD a damn cold 3 weeks ago, and now ive got another...

    yay me!

  3. Quite whining. It will pass and you won't even remember you had a cold in a few weeks.

  4. I don't know if they actually do work or whether its a mind thing but whenever there is any evidence of flu or colds I take one Zinc Gluconate tablet and so far I haven't come down with anything bad. I was told about these tablets by a friend and as they seem to work for me I thought I would pass on the info to you as a friend. Hope you get better soon. Jake

  5. Get the germs out of your house. Open all the windows turn on the heat or air cond. fan and blow the germs outside!



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