The Bald Beaver

The Great Bald Beaver!
Don't get confused with the regular Beaver; the bald ones are friendlier.
The bald beaver loves attention, basks in the royal treatment. To get on the good side of this beaver you need to actually lick it. Not to worry about getting hair in your mouth, there is no hair on this beaver. Men are so fond of this beaver they have pet names for it. Sometimes you may hear a guy refer to it as a pussy, but the bald pussy is not as easy to warm up to.

It is not often you will see the bald beaver, usually there is a special training needed to really bring the true talents of the bald beaver out into the open.

There are many tricks the right trainer can be so fortunate to participate with the bald beaver. Some beavers spit and get extremely wet. Some will produced a screaming elation with so much noise you have to close the windows so not to disturb your neighbors.  

Women and men can get along with the bald beaver. Some bald beavers perfer just one trainer, but there are some that will preform for any trainer that has the right skills.

Although highly trainable with the right moves, the bald beaver sometimes like to be alone. It is good practice to give the bald beaver some time alone, will increase the skills and smoothness of the sensitive pelt of the bald beaver.

If you ever get the opportunity to play with a bald beaver, make sure to take your vitamins, they are known for high endurance activities.


  1. Brilliant post and so true too ;)

  2. Seriously, you gals amuse me to no end ;)

  3. ...and such a beautiful, sensitive animal too...

  4. There is something about a bald beaver that screams to be licked. It is a must!


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