Girls just want to have fun and then some!

What ever happened to the cat calls when you walk on by a construction site? What about the double take to get another good look at the booty? The drive by whistles? Not everyone can look like a run-way model, we don't have the cameras and fame....but we did get the guys who had nothing better to do but give a little holler.

What happened to opening the door and especially the car door? Pulling out the chair for the lady?

We stopped dressing like Marilyn Monroe they stop treating us like a lady. OK so I have never looked like this but still....

Most of the problem came with the feelings of not being treated equal, women were degraded by such acts. I am willing to holler at a nice piece of ass, male or female if it would make you feel equal.

Life got so serious when it came to sexuality and the equality between genders. I am still a woman and I still won't a little fun...OK a lot of fun!

You can see how lines get blurred, it only takes a few ass holes to ruin it all for the rest of us. We should be able to weed out the trash and play nicely with each other.

The Feminine MystiqueAre you offended when someone looks at your boobs or your butt? Really? You honestly wore that shirt showing that cleavage and expected no one to notice? Cleavage even catches my eye...sometimes it ain't pretty but it grabs your attention. We all want that little bit of time to be noticed. Some go to the extreme but most just won't a nod of approval.


  1. Nothing makes me feel like a woman more than a catcall. Equality be damned.....

  2. *wolf whistle* (how else do you type it/)

  3. I agree with Dual Mom! I love when someone checks me out and gives me a catcall. It makes me feel hot again! I don't necessarily dress for myself. I want people to think that I look good. Is that so wrong?

  4. It's instinct. They wanna look and we want them to, why else would we get boob jobs and liposuction and Victoria's Secret bras. Look away gentlemen, we really do like it!

  5. Whatever, I fucking LOVE that shit! I still get cat calls and whistles at! I eat that shit up!!!!

    I ESPECIALLY like it when the hubby's with me! HaHa! Lets him know that HE needs to play nice!

  6. Nobody pinches my ass anymore! :-)

    Anyway, I see what ya mean, though. The side effect of feminism is confusion for men on what to do as far as chivalry is concerned. As for myself, I hold the door open for either gender. I especially do it for the elderly.


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