Hey baby, what's your sign?

Last week''s webpoll ask our visitors to pick the answer they thought was false.

Foot fetish is the most common  (10%)
Average penis size is 8-9 inches  (78%)
Men think about sex every 7 seconds  (3%)
17% of women orgasm during sex  (3%)
Women talk dirty more than men  (3%)

A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the PenisThe majority of our visitors know that the average penis size is not 8-9 inches, the rest of the statements are true.

I am not sure how many penises you have to measure to come up with an average but some of the facts indicate the average is 5-6  inches.

This week's webpoll asks "What is your sign" We would like to know what sign you are!

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  1. My sign in the Zodiac is Libera, but my sign for life is GO!


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