I didn't even know my junk wasn't working

Apparently I cannot get an erection and I also need a larger penis to please my woman. The Super Viagara eshop thinks they have me pegged for someone in need. They are so desperate that I buy some of their product for my weeping willy that they remind me of their special deals about every four hours or so. This is devotion to the cause of droopy dick-osis.

But wait...

They have back up, because USA Viagara also has the same concern for my saggy stick. They will even give me a 93% discount on my purchase ...they know how important it really is to get my mopey meat back on track.

But wait....

When I get my floppy flute singing upright again...there is Mary!
A russian beautiful bride waiting to come on over and make my new and improved perky penis a sensational ride in the bedroom. She just happens to be ready to make me happy and loves to please.

But wait....

I am a woman...and my email address would make it obvious unless there is a dude out there that really needs his junk jacked up, maybe they have us mixed up....



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!


    Don't you looooove that shit???

  2. And all this time I thought my Russian bride really loved only me and was waiting for me. Even though I too have a vagina and no need for all this viagra. Sadly, I can't even remember the trip she says I took to see her which made her fall in love.

  3. Just what I need. A case of your special hard on pills and a Russian bride with genital worts and Herpes for my floppy flute. Hooray.

    You've saved my goddamn day!


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