No one is afraid of Sex and Fries

Last week's poll asked our visitors What is your phobia or fear?
Heights  (47%)
Snakes  (26%)
Spiders  (10%)
Drowning  (31%)
Falling (21%)
Being naked in public  (15%)
Dogs  (5%)
Cats  (0%)
Flying  (0%)
Insects  (10%)
Dark  (15%)
Fire  (0%)
Germs  (5%)
Other  (31% )

Unless the 31% Other is sex and fries, no one is afraid of sex and fries or this blog Sex'n'Fries, which is a huge relief.

But here are some a few blogs on cats that might bump the percentage of people not afraid of cats to a higher number, or at least afraid of people who talk about their cats, or blogs about cats. Now cats having sex and eating fries would be even worse...just saying.

Red Cat Society
Pictures of Cats

If you actually click and visit the links above, I am sorry. I love cats.

This weeks Webpoll is quite simple, all you have to do is tell us which statements you agree with.


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