Ro Booty anyone?

Robot sex anyone? It turns out we no longer need to cure aids or cancer. World hunger is just a person needing a sandwich. Global warming - put on a tank top ! We now got latex sex machines. Apparently the need has risen to give sex dolls personalities and voices. They can know your likes and dislikes and even respond to your touch. There was a hole in the market (ouch not punny) that is now filled. The builder states "She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean,". I get what you mean & ugh awkward! Lets build robots that can clean and fix items so then real people can be together? Is that too left field for anyone?

The other side of the coin is .... well creepy ! So here it goes anyway. Those 2 robots from Star Wars are kinda hot. There is C3PO with that golden color, long legs & giant beady eyes. Now R2D2 is really a bonus because he is two fetishes. Being with R2 is like getting a midget & a robot for the price of one!

If they become everyday items that people buy than I want to know the new rules for these "Latex Lovers"

1. How old do you have to be ? Is it until your 16 you can only date the vacuum.

2. Health Care or Warranty ? What do they get?

3. Not a question but I would be pissed if they get better healthcare then me.

4. Will there be hand held units?

5. They can already get your email wireless, so what about playing mp3's ?

6. Are they accepting new inventors to the company ( this article has given me a great idea about Hulk

Guest post by Mr. Monkey


  1. Oh I dunno, I can sort of see the attraction in having robot sex. Although having one that can clean the house IS a higher priority for me. lol

  2. Oh shiiiiiiit!

    So when are you ladies getting one and telling us all how it works out???

    You know like a try before we buy deal!!

  3. Reminds me of the French movie "Monique", in which a married guy forgets about everything and everybody for the love of his doll :)

    Trailer included below ;)

  4. You can only date the vacuum until you're 16? Well, that sucks...


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