Sorry if you are such a prude you think 'sex' equals 'porn'

Seriously now, when you hear or see the word "SEX" it does not automatically mean there are naked people going at it like rabbits or chickens or horses, rhinos......

Sex could mean 'gender'
Sex could mean 'how you arrived in this your parents having 'sex'
Sex could mean 'how you feel about yourself or even what you do to yourself'

Sex is fun and exciting, private and public. Sex is normal...yes normal. If you don't have sex...EVER! are not normal, there is definitely something wrong with you. If you don't talk about 'sex' you know you want to. You want to ask questions...stop judging and just live and enjoy sex and if you don't enjoy sex, find out how!!!!

Ok where this little ahhhhhh moment comes from is...I did a search on 'Sex'n'Fries' and found a post by some ass wipe. I visit blogs and post comments...hey that is what I do when I find time.

I do not swear, I am not graphic...cute and flirty maybe...always polite unless I am goofing around (yes I said goofing) anyway...I left a comment the ass wipes blog. Invited him to visit us here and come join the group because I liked his blog. Well this ass wipe (aka toilet paper) decides to make it into a scandal. I am so glad we are not dirty or anything..omg couldn't keep a straight face.

There were even comments that "oh now there are porn people leaving comments" Have these people ever seen porn....?

My fav visitors: Do you see any porn here?

btw the name of the blog is SEX and FRIES not SEX with FRIES!!

Why is it called Sex and Fries because we like sex (not showing you) and we love Fries (not showing you that either)

Love ya!!!



  1. This isn't Sex WITH Fries?

    The Hell.

  2. Nothing wrong with SEX or PORN. I'd be honored if you read a blog post called IS PORN A FOUR LETTER WORD? on my site - It is, hands down, my favorite post EVER :) AND...a True story!

    And Mooooog35 - I'm with Yoooo, I've been doing it with Fries for YEARS!

  3. I'm also a member of Porn and Eggs :)

  4. I'm not sure what some of these weirdos see wrong with porn, but if they can't tell the difference between talking about real sex and porn, then they have my sympathy (although not much of it). Maybe it's time they got out more often into the real world!

    And, if you never talk about sex, how the hell are you ever going to find out how to satisfy your partner (or A. N. Other for that matter)?

  5. Are you fucking shitting me????

    Oh my GOD! I'd have lost my shit ladies!

    'Porn people' huh???

    CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE have the blog address so I can INVITE him to MY blog!!!!

    HaHa!!!! He'd roll over and come crawling back here with his fucking tail between his legs!!!

    HE probably NEVER gets laid!


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