This will help you shrink that penis for you....

Since we all 'love' spam emails, thought this would help everyone feel better.

It is spam opposite:

+ Your email has lost you 40,000,000. You must pay this right now, I will send you my banking information and phone number, deposit this amount as soon as you get all my information.

+ Helo, my name is Bart, I hairy bald man with itchy ass, I member we met in horse buggy, and would like to see you again, maybe even to like you.

+ Get a shorter penis instantly. This new and improved devicel will help shrink that dink for you. Get a little penis today, limited supply available.

+ Make your woman ignore you. This little blue pill will get your penis very soft for hours. Have the most useless organ possible with just one pill.

+ Dear Peggy, I was surfing the net for some tips on how to bring heartache and anger back into marriage. Then I found this information which proved to be very helpful. I'm sending you this link, so you can try and check it yourself.

+ Russian bimbo just for you, lumpy, sweaty lady needs home, we don't want her, thought we would send her to you, you poor bastard.




  1. I'm classy bitch!!!

    One of my VERY favorite lines E-VER!!!

    You hoes ARE extremely classy... Remember to drink too much, dance on the bar... and OF COURSE make out with some really hot fucking stranger then leave him with a raging hard on...

    I don't know any of this experience!

  2. Loved your "spam opposites". The shrinking penis pills will come in handy for the big boys who suffer from having big stink logs confined in the tight area of their pants.


    Enjoy your beers and follow that advice from the Crazy Brunette. It sounds like she's had experience with that sort of thing. LOL.


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