Tips men need to understand a woman

Dear Men,

You honestly didn't think this post would have information on 'how to understand a woman' did you?

I mean seriously...if you think you can understand a woman you need medication.

There is no understanding a woman.

Once she thinks you are close to even 'getting it' even in the slightest, she will mess 'it' all up on you in a blink of an eye.

Read all the articles and gather all the advice you can if you will but, there is no way in hell you are going to understand what a woman is thinking, wanting, speaking, feeling, etc.

Please do us all a favor and just accept the fact there is no way you will ever 'get it'. It is not in you to achieve such success in life.

Just keep it the same as always and arm yourself with "yes dear" and then go out to the garage with your buddies and brag on how you have everything under control. We will at least give you that.......

....and only be looking at my ass when I tell you to!


  1. And maybe we'll be nice enough to give them credit for even trying. Maybe.

  2. FYI:

    The only thing we actually WANT to understand is your schedule for satisfying us orally.

    So there.

    You zig. We zag.

  3. men could satisfy me orally by not talking!

    ( set it up I just have's impulse)

  4. Yes... SO true ladies!

    We like mind fuck them. It's one of MY favorite pastimes!

  5. I believe I shall make this required reading for dating me. Should really get the rules on the table up front.

  6. And your reason for thinking most men haven't outgrown such foolish fantasies after leaving the teens behind, is what exactly?

    In any event, chaos theory tells us clearly that such things aren't predictable, however organised they may superficially appear.

    lol - ouch! That hurt, woman!

  7. Ouch this one hurt. Women are hard. I admit. But I've managed to get my hands on a few and romanced a few and fucked a whole lot of them. So, I don't consider them to be THAT hard. Come on ladies. Admit it, you don't understand guys either.

  8. Zach just admitted to being a man-whore!!!!!


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