I would go to a nudist beach!

The webpoll for March 29 2010

What would you never do even if someone paid you?

Men "I would never...."
sky dive (28%)
wear women's clothing (14%)
kiss a man (57%)
go to a nudist beach (21%)
pay for sex (42%)
deep sea diving (7%)
pluck my eyebrows (7%)
I have no problem doing these (7%)

Women- "I would never....."
bungee jump (47%)
sky dive (39%)
have anal sex (26%)
stuff my bra (30%)
go on a blind date (8%)
go to a nudist beach (21%)
wear a string bikini (26%)
I have no problem doing these (17%)

This week's webpoll asks our visitors to tell us which one of the answers is false!!!



  1. I went to a topless beach once in Cancun. Luckily I had very dark sunglasses on so that I could watch the Mexicans check out what giant American boobs look like.

  2. I'm one of those guys who voted for never kissing a guy. I assume that meant kissing him on the lips. Since I'm straight, it just doesn't appeal to me. Even kissing a dude on the cheek, which I've done at a drinking party as a joke, didn't feel right. The poll results, overall, are about what I'd expect.

    Btw, I put your site's badge up. That means I really like it. Just thought I'd let ya know. Take care.

  3. 42% of the men said they wouldn't pay for sex even if someone paid them?

    42% of the men lied through their teeth.

  4. Only 14% of the men wouldn't wear women's clothing? Wow, I need to get out more!


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