Do you want to be kissed all over?

Last weeks webpoll:
What statement do you agree with?
I could eat a hot dog everyday (21%)
I would watch my neighbor have sex (36%)
I am over weight (52%)
I own more than 2 TVs (52%)
I love SexnFries (63%)
I don't like my in-laws (10%)
I hate my job (0%)
I own too many shoes (5%)
I love to cook (52%)
I think I am sexy (42%)
I disagree with everything (10%)

Well we think all of our visitors are sexy even if only 42% think they are!



  1. When I did the poll, I had to really ponder over the "I could watch my neighbor have sex" option. Most of my neighbors are pretty fuckin' hideous so I said NO on that one. Now if I could throw rocks and darts at them while they're doing it, I might reconsider.

  2. I'd TOTALLY watch my neighbors screw... AND take pictures!

    Then I'd fucking blackmail their skeezy asses until they taught they're goddamn dog to stop shitting in my yard!

    Oh- AND totally have to go with FOREPLAY this week!

    You need to be more specific though...

    Does this foreplay have to take place with my husband or can I choose someone else?


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