I am so damn sexy, I would never lose my sheep..Bo Peep

Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life
It is almost odd, how one views their own looks, compared to what others see.
Do we hide the flaws from others so well? Or, do we examine our looks to closely than someone else would?

Some people think they are totally hot, while some look at them and see something...not so hot.

Is true for the opposite, someone might find you a total hotty while you struggle to recognize yourself as average in looks.

We judge ourselves in a different light than others do.

How sexy are we? Do we get the benchmark for sexy and hot from the Media? Is it really a personal preference or has it been programmed into us by fashion models, Playboy etc?

Can we all be sexy? If sexy is a state of mind. would we all feel better knowing that we all possess the power of being sexy within us?


  1. We aren't all created equal when it comes to sex appeal but we can all do a lot to optimize.
    Good hygiene, hair style, clean clothes etc are for everybody.
    I'm a type... great muscular brute, definitely not a pretty face,tall, wide shoulders, soft ball sized fist, stout gnarly tool. I already stand out, pretty little skinny guys might benefit from skinny jeans and peacock fashion but it would just look nuts on me. Conservative, khaki, casual all the way, I need to be approachable

  2. I am a total hottie - in my own mind. And since I don't have to look at myself (unless I'm shaving) my mental image is good enough for me. It's y'all that has to suffer the truth.

  3. I think I am fucking gorgeous! And I don't give a rats ass what anyone else thinks.

    I think ALL women should feel this way. Tall, short... fat or skinny.

    When I weighed 170lbs at 5'0ft tall, I was exactly a skinny hooker. I still thought I was gorgeous. If we can't find something beautiful in ourselves... Why would anyone else see us that way?

  4. That's a very interesting question. I think almost anyone can be sexy, but then it kinda depends a bit on who you're being sexy with, doesn't it?

    I think Crazy Brunette has a good point, if you don't see yourself as at least potentially sexy, how in hell is anyone else going to?

    Then again... oh hell! How do I know? With the odd notably exception, I think pretty much all women are gorgeous anyway. ;)

  5. I feel pity, somewhat, for people who are persuaded by what looks sexy and good looking by what they see in magazines and movies and so on. The media uses it's usual tricks like photoshop and megatons of makeup to make the ordinary or downright ugly folk seem beautiful. This thought sometimes pops into mind while checking out the latest copy of Playboy and puts a kink in my wink.

    It's too bad most people place such high value on appearances. It's superficial and silly, really. There are more important things in life.


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