Making love with the lights on

Last week's webpoll wanted to know about our visitors behaviour during sex...
Leave the lights on (66%)
Lights off (16%)
dim with candles (41%)
under covers (25%)
totally naked (75%)
half dressed (25%)
talk dirty (41%)
really quiet with light moaning (41%)
scream (33%)
always orgasm (58%)
rarely orgasm (0%)
add oral (66%)
I don't remember its been a long time (8%)

Our visitors rock to a sexy beat!!

This week's webpoll comes wants to know a little about what you think.

Let's are out sitting in your backyard, you can hear your neighbors whispering and giggling. They have some friends over. Then you realize as you try to peek into their yard, that they are not alone but with a few other couples and they are all naked in the hot tub.....what do you think and do????


  1. I would walk over and commence jerking off, spurting my man goo all over them. Being the sensitive gentleman I am, I might top it all off with a loud, lingering fart, before saying, "Thanks for the entertainment, freaks. I'll just sit over here and watch. No need to stop on account of me, folks."

    I figure any outrageous action I take really wouldn't matter compared to them having loud enough sex and an orgy so that their neighbors can hear them. If they're good looking enough, I might even videotape them and sell it to a porn company.

    I'm all for people making spectacles of themselves as long as they're not harming me in any way.

  2. I would just shrug and smile to myself. We all have our thing. Maybe I can be invited next time. If not, it's okay.

    Kelly cannot come to any of my parties.

  3. Tough call, I'd have to peek enough to satisfy my curiosity but not so much that I felt creepily voyeuristic. Maybe we could agree on a five minute rule. Almost the opposite happened to me. A young lady used to sunbathe nude thinking that since she couldn't see into the privacy fence around our hot tub we couldn't see out either. BFFWBDSM and I evaluated her assets but never informed her.(very nice by the way)


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