This ain't no sex-a-thon, just a lesson in juicy weirdness

I am totally brain dead most brilliant and witty woman there is.

Here is a shovel...

Anyhoo..I have been working my ass off in the gym and also getting products ready for my health business. So I am so busy that I have decided to take a mental break and write a post about SEX.

I know...big surprise...Sexnfries Blog containing sex posts...who knew...duh.

As I have mentioned before, I love books actually to a fault. I own several books on sex, one of my favorite just fascinates me, there is just so many directions to go with (and positions)

Today is your lucky day, because since I can not come up with anything brilliant to post (brain dead) I thought it would be totally cool to just open up some of these informative sex books I own and share some random info.

Sex Sexnfries.

A waste of a good blow job? The position 69 has its good and bad points. Many people find it difficult to concentrate on their own and their partner's pleasure at the same time.

Smurfing: He slaps his semi erect penis back and forth across your face.

Puppeteering: Inserting an entire hand into the vagina, this needs to be done slowly.

Xenophilia; Being sexually aroused by strangers. They get turned on by meeting new people, but once they have managed to seduce them, the thrill diminishes.

Yoni mudra: A tantric technique in which a person seals the anus with the left heel, presses the tongue against the palate and stares at the tip of the nose. (I am not kidding..that is what the book says)

Merkin: A pubic wig, sometimes used by transsexual or transgendered people to make a vagina look more convincing. They are also used in theater actors as a modesty device in nude scenes.

Eproctophilia: Arousal from flatulence

Well that is it for today, just wanted to keep you learning, I like smart people and just doing my part to keep you there..

Have a great Tuesday!!!!


  1. Ah yes, good ol' '69', or 'soixante neuf', en Francaise, for us awesome sexy types. A bit of 'wine me, dine me, 69 me.'
    I mentioned before; I had no problem concentrating on my partner's pleasure. After all, in my case, it was more like 34 1/2....
    Right then..I'm off to my local restaurant for a bit of eating out :-)

  2. Puppeteering! Wow! That makes me hurt just reading it!

  3. How'd you like to be on the bitch end of puppeteering????

    Holy fuck me!!!

  4. I admit puppeteering sounds painful, but with plenty of lube it can be quite filling er fulfilling :)

  5. Puppeteering (fisting) sounds okay as long as you're not on the receiving end. However, when I fisted my cat, she chuckled the whole time.

    The Merkin thing sounds kinda weird to me. And everybody gets sexually aroused when I fart. When I fart in a crowded elevator, I get raped every time. It's a mystery.

    Good day to you.

  6. well OKAY! good to know :)

    hey, I started a fantasy series yesterday and already lost followers. what the fries is up with that! do you think its bad to divide your blog into mind compartments? all this is part of me, after all.

    some stuff in my head is funny, others are soulful and then there's sex.

    i've been toying with the idea of a new man, and thought it best to write it out first. but the insecure side of me is freaking out over losing followers.

    what would you do?

  7. even with the description I don't want to know how the tantric thing works....

  8. Interesting, yet some of those fall under TMI!!! lol

  9. Well, we do learn new things, daily.


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