This is what we call entertainment? Fat woman wants to be fatter?

Seriously...this is not I sit watching "Entertainment Tonight", a show that I once in a while put on while waiting for something else to come on.

I sit watching this show and become horrified. The 'Entertainment news' tonight is about a women trying to gain weight, for the sole purpose of being the first women to weigh 1000 lbs.

I cannot even exclaim how I feel watching this, I am stunned. Shown as a true 'news' 'entertaining' segment of the show.

Donna Simpson, weighing more than 600 lbs, would like to challenge herself to beat a record and gain 400 lbs more; and do it in public. To be a spectacle of sorts.

TV shows gather to cover the story of an extremely obese woman trying to be even more grossly obese. Rumors are that she is doing it for a website but the Donna Simpson Website seems to not exist. Her story has been covered on several prime time TV shows so far.

We could watch some dude smoke cigarettes continually or some chick huff spray paint until their bodies finally gave in and died. No different in actually watching the melodramatic 'stuff film' type TV we now have available to us, as we watch this huge woman abuse herself until she dies.

With remote in hand, I am so stunned at what I am watching, I can't look away, it is like road kill, you just look and then wish you hadn't. I am so outraged and confused. This woman is around my age, in her 40's. She has two children, that are serving her in bed, a feast for Mother's Day. The breakfast-in-bed buffet she scarfs down, they do report she shared some with the kids (which are not overweight). Two children, watching their mother kill herself, and have now been involved in the process all for 'good entertainment'.

Donna Simpson does claim she is healthy for her weight, and wishes to take one pound at a time to reach a massive weight of 1000 pounds. Now 'healthy for your weight' is a term that should be looked at closely. What do we have for comparison? To consider her 'healthy for her weight', you have to look at other 600 lb people. She needs oxygen to help her breath when she is in bed, she can't walk very well and is headed for a life in bed. So sure she might consider herself healthy for her weight, that certainly does not mean she is healthy at all.

Her odds of reaching 1000 lbs are slim, she will most likely die before that. Hope no one has put her on a long contract for providing entertainment or anything. Her Doctor has dropped her as a patient, he didn't want the publicity. I am thinking there should be more reasons than being involved in suicide assistance.

So as I head to the gym to work off the last 10 lbs I want to lose:
  • to look great in a bikini
  • to live longer- to be with my family
  • to avoid high cholesterol
  • to reduce my risk for heart disease
I work my ass off (literally) to be healthy - for any age- I am feeling really good, and I look great.

Anyone want to put me on 'Entertainment Tonight'? Could follow me to the gym, watch me sweat. Could even put the eighty year old man that is there during the week lifting heavier weights than me.

Donna Simpson: stop killing yourself in the public eye, your children should learn healthy habits and not have to watch the suffering you are going to go through.

Entertainment tonight is up to three nights of covering this woman, I used to like them...somewhat...

I won't put a picture on here, I will spare you that...

On a special note: speaking of Simpson's---Remember when poor Jessica Simpson was criticized about her weight---"those were curves"

Do you believe in high quality of life?

Don't give up on healthy living!



  1. I found that story really horrible. Those children. I'd read about her in the news a few months ago. There was a picture of her boyfriend kissing her. All I could think come she has a boyfriend and I can't even get a date. Still, I'd like to live a long, healthy life with my children and body intact than to be a crazy who doesn't seem to value the example that she is setting for her children. Ug. Stepping off the soapbox now.

  2. I find this incredibly sad and repulsive. There are people dying of organ failure or some other hideous disease they had no control over and she is literally killing herself with food on purpose.
    What is happening to decent society?

  3. The world is full of crazy people and at different degrees of 'crazy' but the media coverage that Entertainment Tonight was giving, was actually promoting it, they were making --Entertainment news. They were encouraging people to watch like it was 'good' TV

  4. I blame ET for cheap journalism, too. Put her on The Doctors and those guys get in her face.

  5. Holt fucking shit!!!

    I got on the scale today and it said 121.3 and I just about shit.

    Until I lose 3 lbs, its nothing but carrots and lettuce for the Crazy Brunette bitch!

    1000lbs! What in the fucking hell are these women thinking?????

  6. It's just terrible...I don't know what she's thinking. I can't believe her family is helping her do it, because the truth is, she probably can't get to that weight without help. She'd never be able to get around and get her hands on the food she'd have to eat.

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  8. I did hear about this and I was so appalled. I can't believe that someone would put their life in danger just for publicity. I also can't believe that her kids are helping contribute to it!

  9. That is a sad story. The "entertainment" news media loves crap like that. It doesn't surprise too much that they would hype this up and actually enable this woman's pathetic goal. The woman is killing herself for the fame of weighing 1000 lbs.

    This is why I hate people, in general. Animals may have smaller brains or a lower IQ but even they don't sink this low.


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