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Oh my, I has me some followers.
They actually volunteered, I didn't have to brain wash them or anything. (some I flashed some boob at).

Lately when I go to the blog (Sex'n'Fries) in case you forgot; I cannot see who is following me. The place where those shiny happy people sitting in rows on the blog, has been an empty void...I am blaming blogspot, not me.

Venturing into my dashboard where there is a list of registered offenders followers, I can see exactly who is following me. Not sure why but it is nice to have a bunch of strangers just following you around, right?

In appreciation of these people who follow Sexnfries, <------they think we are sexy, I just know it.

Note: We are very sexy people but due to stalkers we don't flaunt our sexuality with pictures on the internet. So seriously, we are so hot we could model for Victoria Secret!  ---of course no one would buy the stuff we had on...yikes. but still we could do it....

Here are some of the followers:

Walnut tree--seriously that seems strange, I see that tree where ever we go.
Soaping Kelly--exactly what is Kelly soaping?
Random Blogette--she is rather random, sometimes she pops by and sometimes she don't.
Miss Understood--that is why she is here
Kelly--he is a dude
Kategory 5--little stressed but follows nicely
Laffylady--she may be funny or something
Mr. Monkey--you don't want to see what Mrs Monkey looks like
A stupid ninja cat--be careful when getting too close  whisper..totally nuts
Grey chest--some old guy with grey chest hair...was better than grey balls?!
Stepping on Cheerios--someone should buy this chick a broom or a dog
Sexperiment--actually has a pic of their (thinking woman) naked ass...get a tan!
Real live Lesbian--it is such a relief she is alive..the real dead lesbian..following us would keep me up.
Big Bird--this ain't no Sesame Street blog people...big hint is in the "sex' right in the title.
Coffypot--this is one of the favs..visit this one every morning
Dual mom--mother at day..hooker at night...or she has two kids
Shadows--this one only follows me until the lights go out

well that is enough exploring the followers of 'Sex'n'Fries'

Now going to visit some blogs and spread my awesomeness--is that a word?

Sexy chick me

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  1. Here I am you hot bitches! It's nice to be noticed! I wish I could have a followers button on Wordpress so that I could see my stalkers.=(


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