82% of our visitors love sex, what are the others doing??

We have reached over 20 000 visitors since Nov 2009 when we first pulled this blog together. Within that time we have had a webpoll for our visitors tell us about them. Thought this would be a good time to change it up some.

Webpoll- Tell us about you...Nov. 2009 - May 2010
Male  (43%)
Female  (50%)
Married  (52%)
Single  (24%)
Divorced  (11%)
Over 40  (46%)
Under 40  (42%)
Working  (52%)
Not working outside of home  (21%)
Love sex  (82%)
Love fries  (58%)
Want to lose weight  (50%)
Health nut  (15%)
Smoke  (21%)
Use drugs  (7%)

So now we have to come up with something that we want to know about visitors on the next 20 000 visits...

For those 82%....who love sex...

For those who love fries 58%

Can we bring you over to the join the other 82%??

If not...here you go

Thanks for being such great visitors!!!!!



  1. The other 18% are most likely wondering when it's their turn.
    20,000 visitors. Very impressive. Obviously a lot of folks like fries.
    Can we call them 'french fries' again, yet? I know y'all over there were calling them 'freedom fries':-)

  2. I just call them fries. And this is a very cool site. I wish I had been coming here from the start. You shoulda called me...I'm in the book, on bathroom walls, and the #1 recipient of restraining orders.

  3. Yep, that 58% are definitely missing out. And 20,000+ visitors for the sexiest blog on the internet? Sounds right. Congrats! :)

  4. LOL!

    Thanks for the fries bitches!!!!!

    I loooove sex, depending on who it's with you know.... :)


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