The 3 best ways to get traffic to your blog!

People are at their computers, hooking up to the internet and searching for many things. Everyone is different and everyone has a few good reasons to surf the web.

The three reasons people are learn, to laugh and to get off!

Blogs that offer all three of these things will have tons of traffic to their blogs. If you could teach people to get off while making them laugh, you have it made. With many visitors to your blog, the web traffic will pour in, you will have to put traffic lights up.

To get plenty of traffic to your blog, you should consider teaching people something. People want to learn from what they read on your blog. Your visitors want to be smarter, even though they have nothing better to do but sit and read what you have written for the day. There are many things you could have your traffic learn from you. They didn't know that your kid wiped crap on the wall before they read your blog. Now they will know more because of you, it is a great service that you provide on your blog.

Making people laugh can be tough, sometimes they will laugh when you were actually being serious. There are times you try your damnest to be the stand up (humor blogger) and miss the mark all together. A safe thing is to make sure they learn something while you are trying to bring out the humor. At least they will get something from your post. Doing the funny ha ha, is a bit risky, especially if you are out right stated "This is a funny blog! laugh damn it!"

Providing blog content that people could get off on, is almost painful to think about. Getting quality traffic to your blog is hard enough, but stooping to the sex talk is low...(we don't care shut up) Sex sells, sells what we are not sure. Many people keep their wallets close to their genitalia, so it makes sense. You never know exactly what will get people off, but it really is not that hard. (no pun intended) There will always be that one visitor to your blog that you will turn on, whether you intended to or not. Everyone has their kink and you never know what will turn them on.

Getting great traffic to your blog is right around the corner, be a teacher, be the stand up comic and be the pervert! Watch those special visitors show up!



  1. i have the pervert part down, i better work on the rest.

  2. Well I'm learning and laughing as I get off.
    I'll stick to my feeble attempts at humour (humor) over at my blog. Do a little bit of serious stuff and hopefully have a good laugh through the positive interaction with my commentators. I believe the interaction and responding to each person who comments adds the personal touch. And, no I don't mean that type of touch...
    Here's a plug for me. The 'wee folks' wedding is over at my site on Monday, June 21st. Make sure you have a new hat for this spectacular extravaganza. Or, at least a new pair of high heeled shoes:-)

  3. On my Google Analytics page thing.

    My top search result is 'Brunette Blog Slut'


  4. Hmm, teaching people how not to be funny? Maybe that's what my blog is doing?

  5. I like your advice...I am not much of a funny guy, and my blog lacks sex appeal...maybe I need to post more pics of myself in the underwear - I dare not go further!

  6. That's great advice! Now I just need to listen to it rather than going on pointless rambles that my brain decides to chuck out.

    I have sex but doubt it's getting anyone off!

  7. Well 2 out of three ain't bad, but for the life of me I don't know what I can sexual positions? How to find the G spot? ok those I know, but that's about it..LOL

  8. I love your advice. I just wrote a post about hot dogs today. Does that count?

  9. No wonder I'm so popular.

    I teach people how to get off while laughing.

    Actually, it's less 'teaching' and more 'I'm sorry that was over so fast. This has never happened to me before.'


  10. Another great way to get traffic to your blog is to comment and to comment back, and give comments and receive comments. This practice evades me, I just suck at it, the whole conversation on blog thing. I do try very hard to personable but let's face it "I suck"

  11. With my blog name, My Friends Are Sluts? Sex definitely sells. Sometimes I'm not selling what they are buying...but that's what brings the boys to my yard.


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