Do women masturbate more often than men? How do you find out?

Big myth is that men are more sexual than woman, absolutely. We are led to believe women think about sex and desire sex much less often than men. It is frequently thought that women who are openly sexual are those women that are sluts, whores, risky in society.

Society shows off the beautiful women to sell products, even turn people on, but women are not suppose to out right be sexually active and in wanting.

Do women masturbate as often as men? Most likely it is more dependent on the person and not the gender as to how often one pleases oneself.

There are some interesting techniques for female masturbation: (I found these online and just don't know what to think)

The first technique they suggest is called the "Playstation pleasure"  suggesting you use ....
a Playstation, a vibrating controller and a Metal Gear Solid CD. Use the vibration test in the option menu of the game. Insert the edge of the controller to your pussy or clit, test the vibration and enjoy!
Omg! could you watch your children play one of their games after you have done that? Seriously women get your own toys!

Next suggestion is called the "Pool Party"
If you have a pool or hot tub, get in front of one of the jets or blowers and spread your legs as far as you can. Get kinda far from it and let it hit your clit and slowly begin to go closer to the jet. The closer you get the more intense the stimulation.

OK I get the whole 'yeah baby' but when are you cleaning your pool or spa? Just asking before we come to visit.

Better suggestion they have is "Shower Head"
When you take a bath , sit down and let the water fill until your tummy. Then unscrew the shower head, so that you have a very strong stream of water directed toward your clit. Open your legs and enjoy.

Well there might be questions if you keep bringing the wrench to the bathroom with you...just saying
Another suggestion for the horny women out there is called "The shovel"

Using a dildo or other object, pretend your toy is a shovel and you are softly digging. With a forward, gliding motion, slide the toy down to your clit, across it and then upward, removing it from your body completely. Repeat over and over and over until you drive yourself crazy.

"Be out in a minute...just digging a hole in here...."

If I haven't damaged you yet, here is the site that will give you more ideas

If you have any suggestions on more let us know, we are suckers for "omg"



  1. I say we decide this with a contest. and in person.

    More like an orgy, really.

    anyone? anyone?

  2. Okay ladies. My washing machine is on the spin cycle...
    Must go now. This dude has got a date with his vacuum cleaner. Now that sucks...

  3. I'm with ya, Mooooog35! My first wife got off by doing deep-knee squats over fire hydrants. That's one of the reasons she's my ex.

  4. It is always the men that rush in and offer help, still the women keep their secrets....

  5. Well, I'm masturbating right now, while reading this, so I guess I'm kinda biased on this question of who is wankin' it or rubbin' it more.

    Another technique would be the ever popular, "Pressing Your Dick or Pussy Against the Washing Machine". Using the jet from a pool or Hot Tub is a good idea. My wife says she's done it.


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