The rabbit wins if anyone is to win at all! Vibrate on my friend

Well that is a big ass rabbit if I have even seen one. You go girl!

Rabbit Vs. Remote

Rabbit: Hey you awesome flick, I need to borrow your life support for a few hours.

Remote: Sorry but that is just not possible, without my power source, the man will have to get up from his chair and change the channel, not to mention the volume. My soul purpose is make sure my owner is comfy and settled in for an entertaining time.

Rabbit: Listen, here is the situation, there are no fresh batteries in the house, the store is closed, and my lady needs me to be turned on. My job is very important and definitely more important than yours. The TV still functions without you.

Remote: The answer is NO, you will have to wait until the game is over and he heads out to the garage or something. You can do the job with out vibrating, I am sure she will survive. The man needs his down time and to relax!

Rabbit: Oh you silly flick head, you have no idea what you are talking about. You see...if she isn't happy then there will be no need for you. The man will have to get his ass in there and try to do my job. You will be here alone anyway. If you let me have those things in your ass end, then I will get my job done, she will happy and he can carry on watching the game in peace.


  1. Makes sense to me. An that thing at the top, it looks like the gas pump handle at Barbie’s gas station. She sticks it in her hummer and squeezes. Then enjoys the flow.

  2. Perfect analysis - go rabbit, go! ;)


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