Move it Move it!

For weeks now, feeling like months, we have moved all our junk into a new house. How much crap can one family own? Endless boxes labeled 'unknown'.

It came to a point while packing that the normal labeling system did not apply any longer. Boxes were filled with whatever would fit. Unpacking became the chore that we paid dearly with while trying to find a place for all that stuff we could not even label.

While the kitchen was obvious in placement, the garage was a night mare. This was where we had place the crap that we did not know where else to place. So it was stored with great intentions of later use for many months and yes...years. Now we lug that same abundance of useful items that really have no use at all, but to patiently wait their importance. Box after box now sit still in the garage, as we get the rest of new house set up. Boxes await their turn to be turned into a functional garage.

You never do know when this event will happen; the problem is not finding the time but finding the reason to bring all the questions up...."why do we own all this crap!"


  1. Seriously. I don't know what I'm going to do when we move! My garage is in contention for an episode of 'Hoarders'...

    I'm a woman exploding!

  2. I wish y'all many happy years in your new home. We have had our house on the market for 3 years. Almost had it sold so the piled a bunch of stuff into a shortage shed in hopes of making the move easier. Now all that shit has been replace with more shit. We could fill two homes, now. HELP

  3. And still, after you've stated the uselessness of the stuff that you always carry with you, you STILL can't get rid of it. I have boxes with STUFF that I don't know where to put and have had no use for in years, but I still can't separate myself. You know, because I may need it. Sometime.

  4. Moving is horrid. I really hate the last few hours where nothing will fit in boxes. Mops, old lampshades, sink strainers, curtain rods. Good luck getting those boxes unpacked. Give yourself all the time you need. Nobody's time schedule but your own.

  5. Near the comments bit, there was a note that said, "82% of our visitors love sex, what are the others doing?"

    Perhaps the answer is, "Hoarding crap!" - just a suggestion... LOL


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