Do rabbits and dolphins have better orgasms?

I have an issue with animal shaped vibrators. Maybe it is a quirk, certainly not a phobia, as I am sure I could let those rabbit ears do their 'thang' if it got to that point. I have seen beavers, rabbits, dolphins etc. Just not something that turns me on. The power within these vibes are really impressive, but would they not be just as "oh yeah baby' if we did not put little eyes and ears on it?

Realistic shaped vibrators are a bit bizarre also. I get the reasoning for little bumps and ridges but what is it about the hair?

The names for vibrators also confuse me, they must do the trick to sell the product, but what exactly is the turn on about a bullet or an egg. Is it the name that draws the attention of the vibrator owner want-a-be's?
"Passion Probe" gets you horned up for some pleasure riding? Could " Internal Sensation" make you squirm in your seat and wanting to ride into bliss?

If you could name a vibe, what would it be?


  1. I would name it "You had me at 'bzzzzz'".

  2. My understanding for the animal shapes is because many of those are made in Japan where you're not allowed to make or draw anything that looks like a realistic genital. (Hence all the tentacle rape stuff.) So they put "pearls" in the shaft and put animals on it to make it look less like a penis.

    Course they could've changed the law by now. After all, for a long time they had no age of consent. Now they do. You can legally consent to sex at the age of 12 years old. (According to the "crazy laws" sites I visit on occasion.)

    As for that thing. I'd name it "THAT AIN'T GETTIN' NO WHERE NEAR MY VAGINA!" It looks like something you'd use on prisoners at Gitmo.


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