So you think you are sagging....???

Do your balls hang low, do your boobs sway too and fro? Is your hairline making your face look bigger? Are your hands looking like someone else's? Are there road maps on your legs, can you see your bits under under belt?

We age...yes and here we go to saggy, baggy body land.

Body parts that will turn on you first chance they get...around the time you think life is starting to make sense.

Hands don't have much skin on top, this thin skin covering those useful..put them out there parts, become loose and wrinkly.

Chest sensitive skin that has been played with and sun burned

Knees bend and stretch and don't want no more of it, they become dry and wrinkly.

Neck is thin skinned and is a great place to hide some chocolate cake, loose around the neck with sunspots.

Well start preparing yourself for the decay, don't think it won't happen. Get the good stuff, start moisturizing, grab the collagen, sun screen, drink tons of water, chemical peels by the truck load, plumping up the hollow areas. But it all again and don't are getting old.

by the way...have a great day!


  1. Well then, I must be an exception. I am a 57 year old sex god and a lean, mean babe magnet machine.
    Hmmm...and then I woke up.

  2. Man, I just checked out the poll...and not that I am entirely unhappy with my body, but given the opportunity in the form of FREE surgery, it's pretty difficult to choose which body part I'd trade.

    It sure would be nice to have perkier boobs, a lifted ass, and the stretch mark mountains removed from my tummy.

    I can't pick just one.


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