There are men on TV tonight

As we snuggle into a new TV season, I already have my pj's on. Wine with dinner, a few chores and off to the cozy couch for a hot new night. Fall is here people and the TV proves it.

I am so excited but as the season will wear on,...not so excited. But the last month has been a roller coaster and hell, we are here now and WE WILL HAVE FUN DAMN IT!

OK carry on and pretend you are sane...

First How I met your mother...where the gay guy is not gay but screws everything with boobs. The show is getting stale but giving it a couple weeks to win me over once again or else we move on.

Rules of Engagement love it! wish I could hear it half the time with all the laughing...hint...laugh in a whisper please...and you laugh like a girl..but I love you

 Two and half men if this show keeps going they will have to change the name. It always keeps me smiling, but Charlie needs to lose the steady girlfriends.

And if I can stay up later....NEW SHOW...yeah!

Mike and Molly...this should be a winner, but with them following all these great shows, it will have to make me pee my pants or else...yup I move on...

but wait there is more to my non existant social life.... me- couch -pj's-wine...getting the picture...hey to keep it interesting I flash the man some boob once in a while...and actually offer to fill the wine glasses.

Hawaii Five-O they are back, sexier and new...yes fighting crime on the Island of Paradise in long as there is some punching and blood we might stay up past our bed time and play along in the crime fighting 'em .....


  1. I'm hoping How I Met Your Mother will actually show the mother this year. This is it's 6th season, for crying out loud. lol

  2. I have to admit that I don't watch any of these shows! But wow you're already in your jammies, I haven't even showered for the day!

  3. Can't stand how I met you mother. Not because of the gay dude playing straight. It's just not that funny.

    Two and a half men usually are funny, though. I have feeling they'll have Charlie getting back together with Chelsy before the new season is over.

    Hawaii 5-0 looks like it may be pretty good. Watched the last half of the premiere.

  4. Jack Lord would ROLL OVER IN HIS GRAVE !!! (wait, is he dead?)

    Google, HERE I COME !

  5. Now then, speaking of mothers. I reckon it is time to bring back some 'classic' American TV such as, 'My Mother the Car' or 'Me and the Chimp' or even better, 'Gilligan's Island' porno version...

  6. I'm watching one of my favs now - NCIS. I am a huge Mark Harmon fan.


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