Take off your pants and freeze your butt off

HUE Women's Bow Wow Pant, Off White, Medium

Flannel season can put a damper on the heat in the bedroom, there really is no way to pull off the 'sexy' 'come and get me' with flannel pajamas. When working at home, there are days where they stay on for half the day. Now the unsexy and unappealing, but cozy as hell, flannel pajamas become over worn and ward off any potential 'oh baby I want you'.
In the defense of the flannel or even cotton pajama pants that pretty much cover this chilly ass of mine, you can wear them to the mail box, answer the door if needed and get things done around the house. Imagine wearing the "omg you are smokin'" attire to the mail box...(can you be charged for causing an accident by being too hot?). The parcel delivery man might get the wrong idea with a see-through teddy. Wrapped in the hot lace stuff -you could freeze your buns off pushing a vacuum. I am just saying.....
There might be a time and place for the black number and a definite place for the red with white reindeer's flannel pajama pants...seriously. With safety and comfort making 'the woman' happy, the man will benefit from it...in many ways.


  1. I like flannel pajamas. They can be sexy. I also think granny grounds are sexy. Fantasies can come true with both types of clothing.

  2. the key word being 'can'. The lady next door in flannel..NOT

  3. The flannel came out last night but I wear a low cut Tee and it still looks cute but damn comfy.

  4. I'm with ya! I was working in Miami once and went to one of the keys to this big millionaire's house. His 'helper' answered the door in a bikini top and boys underwear...(literally they were boys underwear). There is a time and place for all clothing.

    I myself am most comfy in yoga pants!


  5. Not sure if you can get charged for going out in public half nekkid or fully nekkid. :)

    I have a female relative that lives in a wooded rural area and, according to her, she will walk to the mailbox in her underwear. I guess it just depends on where you live.

  6. I prefer nightgowns to pjs, no matter how cold it is. Pjs twist and get all tucked into places I don't want them, plus they just make a woman smell in the morning "down there."

    I'm all for flannel nighties. Pjs - not so much.

  7. I personally don't see the point in spending a lot of money on fancy lingerie, as it just ends up on the floor anyway. Hook me up with a pair of flannel pajamas and I'll find a way to add sex appeal :) But comfort (and warmth) come first.


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