Vaginal Rejuvenation - G Spot Amplification

Cosmetic surgery has seen an upsurge in effective and safe treatments for women which are minimally invasive, such as laser vaginal rejuvenation. G-spot amplification is another tool being offered to women who wish to discover new facets of their sexuality via a temporary procedure performed on an out-patient basis.

Use the search words to do your own research. Not a small topic at all. Tighten it up bitch, you are loose. WTF!

If you consider such a procedure, make sure it is really needed. (and babies can do some damage)

Just putting the words 'cosmetic' with the whole procedure is a bit strange. When I think of cosmetic surgery; it is concerning the nose, eyes or tummy. Usually those who hide away and then reappear...

"Look at me - I am so awsome"

Hey tighten up that v a g i n a if you need to....but never tell anyone!


  1. thank god...i was so sick of doing those kegel exercises

  2. Speaking of kegel -

    I saw an advertisement, exactly once, for a new electric kegel exerciser. (They didn't call it that, they were saying it would help with bladder control.) I keep trying to google it up but the only ones I can find are only available in the UK. Not America.

    Anyone know anything about it? I just remember the commercial had a whole lot of women talking about how it freed them to do things like laugh without worrying about peeing their pants.

  3. I am skilled at performing this procedure.

    Manually, of course.

    I make house calls.

  4. Electric Kegel exerciser??
    I would be a bit skeptical. Sometimes the ol' manual labour is the best method.

  5. The reviews I read of the ones in the UK seem to say that they're really good. They make the muscles contract and you can set them for different rates. Perfect for people like me who just can't get the hang of the old fashion kind.

  6. hmmm.....good lord if that needs a tuckin ..there have to be more cosmetic issues at hand!

  7. My understanding, what little I know of it, is it's mostly much older women involved with younger men or who worry their husbands are going to cheat with younger women who get it done.


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