We get it, we stretched, why mark the spot?

Seriously, why have stretch marks? Come on now, I get the fact that those babies stretched me to unrecognizable proportions, but honestly the whole stretch mark maze on my thighs and boobs is a little too much.
Remarkably they invented creams and oils you can smear on your stretch marks. These fab products will work if you constantly stay in state of greasy, moist nudist.
Some of these tell tale maps that run around my skin, could be from well...weight gain....not that it was all that evident that the chunk fairy slipped extra pounds on my ass....(denial is a wonderful thing)
It is not like anyone gets that close of a look, but what if at some point I decide to visit a nudist camp and bare all. Just 'what if"!


  1. At least you have kids, therefore it's okay for you to have stretch marks.

    I, on the other hand, have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which causes, amongst other things, weight gain and bright purple stretch marks. I have them on my breasts, stomach, thighs, butt, and even on the batwings under my arms!

    And it gets even "better" - PCOS makes it difficult to get pregnant or even can make a woman completely infertile.

    So, I'm fat in a world that worships skinny so men never ask me out, therefore I've been celibate for about 10 years. I likely will never have children. And yet I STILL have the razzen-frazzen stretch marks!

    It's so not fair. For women who've had babies, stretch marks are a badge of honor. For me, it's just a reminder of how society views me as worthless.

  2. I got my first stretch marks at age 12 when I grew hips overnight. I remember being at the community pool and another little girl pointed at my purple tiger stripes and asked what they were.

    What's nasty now is that because the skin is stretched there so are the pores that surround the mark...and getting a blackhead in your stretchmark is especially entertaining.

  3. I have been with many women (in my single days) with stretch marks. They were never an issue with me. Who's perfect?

  4. HAAA...I don't have stretch marks! and I'm 50!!!

    BUT.... my cellulite would put your stretch marks to shame. and..I've had it since my early 20's

    soooo unfair!!!

    I've had cellulite way before I had children, and before I was overweight...and, before I was old ...woe is me


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