Always Need a Symmetrical Ass

Driving through the burger joint, cannot just order the big burger with all the fixings. That would only cover half the ass, the large fries will take care of the other cheek. In belief that all the sayings of "that will go straight to your ass or your hips" you must keep those areas even. Walking around in circles because one ass cheek received all the saturated fat is just not right.
Excuses for eating unhealthy, indulging in pleasures of the taste buds are an amazing outlet for the obesity trends.
Eating everything on your plate because of the starving children in Africa only applies when you are a child, it is used by parents only and does not apply to you once you are buying your own food.
"I deserve this meal deal with the biggy size fries, because I had a stressful day"--Why would you not deserve an apple or a large salad or fruit salad....I bet your heart asks the same question!
So in keeping your body symmetrical so you are not tipping over, take a look at your ass and wonder " maybe if there was less of it, it wouldn't matter.


  1. Or maybe the "excuse" is - "I have PCOS and my endocrinologist keeps telling me I have NO HOPE of losing weight without a gastric bypass, and frankly, I'd rather be fat then do that!"

    Just saying.

    I gave up trying to be thin. Nothing I do works. The doctor says my only hope is the GB. So why the fuck bother to try?

  2. Still not an excuse to eat shitty foods. That only perpetuates the problem.

    Fact is MOST Morbidly Obese people are that way because of what they eat and the lack of exercise.

    Diabetes is rampant! People blame the food industry instead of taking responsibility of their own actions.

    You don't have to be thin to be healthy...skinny people die of heart attacks too.

  3. I look at my ass and I think of pancakes. I had rather look at your ass and think of hearts or balloons or buffalos.

  4. How nice of you to remember to mention my ass


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