Cat food scented soap? My kids are gonna live with me forever....

Crazy Cat Lady Board GameCrazy Cat Lady Action Figure|
Crazy Cat Lady Board Game
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

but wait......
well there goes my life lesson for my 'have no clue what to do with my life' teenage daughter. My favorite example is that she does not want to end up a Crazy cat lady...but to have your own action figure...she is gonna jump at the chance now and proclaim that her thoughts of "my mother knows absolutely nothing" was right all along.

Just when I thought we were heading in a direction where she would take out the piercings, stop inking her beautiful body and 'get a life' her options for fame and fortune open up....'like cats care about the junk hanging off her lip (unless one is fascinated by shiny crap)

Well the unconditional love contract that becomes valid as soon as they pop out (only if it was that easy) will be tested if my kid ends up a crazy tattooed pin cushioned cat lady with her own product line.


  1. When I see people with lots of piercings and tattoos, all I can think about is how they look to potential employers.

    Cat lady board game? I want one. Sounds like monkey barrels of fun for all.

  2. Every year I get my kids something bizarre for christmas. Now I have to decide between the cat lady action figure, lunch lady figure, or the cat butt magnets. Thanks :)

  3. oh my god. i want it all! this shit is awesome!

  4. funny. i wrote about the crazy cat lady being an ok thing to be in just a couple weeks ago.
    it used to be such a horrible thing


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